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November 2017

Greetings Family, As we begin these special days called The Holiday Season, we know the reason for the season; let's try to keep the reason for the season uppermost in our minds and hearts. One main and strong reason to, is because the world is watching to see what and how Christians live out their beliefs about Christ and this special season. Do we believe what we say or do we just talk? Let's let them know without a doubt we believe what we say and even more so act upon it! This will be a busy time of year and here at PBC there is no difference of busyness. But again let's not let the busyness keep us from our appointed places of worship and serving Jesus Christ, our living Lord! During this season of the year be here in your place at PBC. The time may come when you are not able! But Oh what a joy to worship the New Born King! I want to thank you for what you are doing and what you have been doing at PBC for Jesus and for the Kingdom of God! Keep it up and glorify the name of Jesus! God is doing a great work in PBC and He is building His Kingdom here! When you look around and see the work He is doing and the people and families He is bringing to us, what a blessing and what joy we should have! Blessed be His holy name! Two special dates that are quickly coming up, to please keep in mind, November 6th, Monday evening at 6 pm, our Widow and Widower dinner, and November 11th, our Veterans and their spouses dinner. Each of these have special significance and we want to honor our widows and widowers and our Veterans. So please participate where and when you can and will and please let us know so we will have enough food preparation. Call the office and let us know of your plans to participate. The widows and widowers dinner is sponsored by our Deacons and their wives and the Veterans dinner is sponsored by the church family. If you know of a widow or widower who is a member of PBC, make sure they have been contacted. If you know of a Veteran in the community, make sure you invite them to their special time on Saturday night the 11th of November. If you can, make sure they give the office a picture to put on screen to recognize them. I am so looking forward to this time of year with you, family! Wanda and I love you!

Pastor Don