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March 2018

this year. The CDC is calling this one of the worst years in many, as far
as deaths caused by these illnesses. It's not just the elderly that are
being hit hard but also the young, especially those younger than teens.
The flu shots are a help but certainly not a cure all.
There is another illness or disease that is also marching strong here in
the USA, the land of the free and the home of the brave, it's called late
term abortion. Congress has turned its back again on those who would
shut down this death mill. So it will continue unabated.
Then just last week another killer went on a rampage but this time the
killing virus was with a gun. A former high school student who had
planned and prepared for the assault on his school, killed 17 students
and teachers in Parkland, Florida. Now this virus has attacked before
and each time it does there is an outcry for something to be done to
stop it.
In each of these situations there is a common denominator! The Heart!
In the flu and the virus when the sickness overcomes the body's ability
to fight it off the heart succumbs to the illness and stops beating and
the person dies. In abortion the same thing occurs when you stick the
sharp end of a pair of scissors into the base of the brain of a child or
give medication that causes the 20 plus week fetus to abort the child
dies, the heart stops beating. And when a person shoots a bullet into
another person's body and hits the right artery or organ the blood runs
out and sooner or later the heart is affected and stops, the body dies.
I know this sounds gruesome but we need to understand, until we deal
with the real problem it's not going to make a difference what we do, we
are still going to have the same problem. Family, there is a problem of
the HEART! And the problem of the HEART is the problem with the
HEART! The Bible says, "the heart is deceitful above all things, and
desperately wicked, who can know it?" Until there is a change of heart
in men, this evil and these viruses will continue.
But we have the serum! We have the cure! We have the vaccine! It is
JESUS! He changes HEARTS, He heals HEARTS! He cures broken
HEARTS! He knows men's HEARTS and knows just what they need! He
knows what we need!
We have the answer; will we share it, or keep it to ourselves? This does
not mean that we need to sit around and do nothing. I believe we ought
to pray and seek God's face on what and how we can bring to bear right
in the midst of wrong, but we are talking about a spiritual problem and
no amount of laws is going to deter lawlessness! Only Jesus!
Blessings and love, Pastor Don