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October 2017

Greetings Family, We have set aside the week of September 24 through the 28th for Revival Services. Revival is the resurrection of something that is dead! I had a college professor who always asked us preachers whenever we would say anything about revival, who died? Besides being a little irritated with him, I began to think about what he was really meaning and this is what I've come to believe about Revival; If there isn't anything dead nothing needs reviving. If something is dead there needs to be revival! But you and I can't bring revival. You nor I can resurrect anything, only God can! God is clearly doing a work at PBC. We are being renewed day by day with the presence of God as He saves people, moves folks to become a part of our family, and renews us in our spirit. I believe God would have us be renewed in our Spirits on an ongoing basis and He does this as we become yielded to Him every day. So, why have Revival Services? Because our Spirits need reviving. We need a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit of God blowing in on us as He did on the day of Pentecost. We need to see Christ Jesus in a fresh way of why we are saved and why we were saved in the first place. We need to get a fresh glimpse of this Savior who sacrificed all He was and had for you and me. Unworthy as we are and were, we still are unworthy of all He does for us every day, but His Love and Grace and Mercy clearly show us He places a value upon us that no one else has or does. So, I pray and hope this week will bring a refreshing renewal to you and your spirit that will generate within us all a fresh awakening of God's Love, Grace and Mercy and generate within a fresh desire to serve Him with gladness.

Revive us Again oh Lord!

Love you,

Pastor Don